Our Services

Reverse Logistic

Under a strategic partnership with Loop, a Fast Track Group company, we provide transportation and handling services for special waste intended for final treatment and/or disposal in a safe and sustainable manner, according to the current rules and regulations.



Collection and treatment of waste products.

Special waste kits: Collection and treatment of batteries, lamps, fluorescent tubes, electronic devices, cartridges and toners. Differentiated collection and treatment: solid urban waste, expired/disused medications, medical devices, electrical appliances, tires, agrochemical containers, construction materials, etc.



Market withdrawals for representing a risk for users or violating any regulation. Areas: Food, medicine, articles for babies, toys, vehicles, etc.



Returns. Damaged products, incorrect shipments, excess inventory, seasonal inventory, return of packaging, product was not liked or is non-compliant, exchange of a new for an old product, leasing or rental, value recovery (repair/remanufacturing), secondary channel management, international returns, etc.




After-Sales Service. Integral warehouse management and critical spare parts distribution; repair of equipment. Areas: computers, telecommunications, household appliances, vehicles, etc.

Other Services

Express Cargoes

Do you need to transport goods in large volumes all over the country? We have an up-to-date and diverse fleet of tractors.

Door-to-door delivery

Do you sell your products online?  We offer the possibility of picking up your product from your home, and delivering it at the domicile of your customer quickly and safely.

International Cargo & Courier Service

We provide international cargo and courier services, either for export or for import operations.

Reverse logistics

We offer special waste transport and handling services in a safe and sustainable manner, according to current regulations.

Warehouse Storage Solutions

We offer a comprehensive inventory management service that will help you to control your stock, including expiration dates, and rotation capacity.

Express Logistics Distribution

Do you have a business and need to create and organize your distribution channels? We offer the technological resources to provide you with the best tailor-made service.