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Committed to business’ success, we create innovative logistical solutions by offering safety and technology, and by generating sustainability throughout the value chain.

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Our services:

Express Logistics Distribution

Do you have a business and need to create and organize your distribution channels? We offer the technological resources to provide you with the best tailor-made service.

Express Cargoes

Do you need to transport goods in large volumes all over the country? We have an up-to-date and diverse fleet of tractors.

Door-to-door delivery

Do you sell your products online?  We offer the possibility of picking up your product from your home, and delivering it at the domicile of your customer quickly and safely.

International Cargo & Courier Service

We provide international cargo and courier services, either for export or for import operations.

Reverse Logistic

We offer special waste transport and handling services in a safe and sustainable manner, according to current regulations.

Warehouse Storage Solutions

We offer a comprehensive inventory management service that will help you to control your stock, including expiration dates, and rotation capacity.

Our human resources: the best capital.

We have a team of professionals whose purpose is to help you to be successful in your business.
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Our customers trust us:

Our purpose is to contribute to the development and success of our customers’ businesses.

We act as strategic partners in the pursuit of each of our customers’ goals, since the growth of our customers is also ours.


The Makita – Fast Track  alliance was created in 2011. Fast Track manages the logistics of Makita and provides import and export services, and warehousing services with inventory control. We have further developed a distribution channel in the city of Buenos Aires, the province of Buenos Aires and the rest of the country.


Hewlett Packard is a tech company operating in more than 170 countries all over the world. Fast Track has developed a system to make pickups and deliveries within 24 hours at a national level for its BUSINESSES division. The HP – Fast Track alliance has helped HP to solve its delays in the provision of its services, and to serve its customers with the highest quality standards that have been recognized by its parent company in the USA.


Bulonfer is a company specialized in the wholesale commercialization in Argentina of articles for hardware stores, hand tools, and machinery. Since 2011, Fast Track has contributed to the growth of Bulonfer’s sales, particularly in Rosario, where the delivery terms and the processing of reimbursements and approved delivery notes were improved, thus bringing about a greater customer satisfaction and a positive impact on the purchase orders received by Bulonfer.


UFFENHEIMER S.A. is a company engaged in the supply of components for power transmission and transport of materials in the industry and agriculture. As Uffenheimer needed to improve the accountability of approved delivery notes, in 2011, Fast Track offered a solution that improved the management in that regard and consolidated its relationship with this customer.

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