Reverse Logistic

Under a strategic partnership with Loop, a Fast Track Group company, we provide transportation and handling services for special waste intended for final treatment and/or disposal in a safe and sustainable manner, according to the current rules and regulations.



Collection and treatment of waste products. Special waste kits: Collection and treatment of batteries, lamps, fluorescent tubes, electronic devices, cartridges and toners. Differentiated collection and treatment: solid urban waste, expired/disused medications, medical devices, electrical appliances, tires, agrochemical containers, construction materials, etc.



Market withdrawals for representing a risk for users or violating any regulation. Areas: Food, medicine, articles for babies, toys, vehicles, etc.



Returns. Damaged products, incorrect shipments, excess inventory, seasonal inventory, return of packaging, product was not liked or is non-compliant, exchange of a new for an old product, leasing or rental, value recovery (repair/remanufacturing), secondary channel management, international returns, etc.



After-Sales Service. Integral warehouse management and critical spare parts distribution; repair of equipment. Areas: computers, telecommunications, household appliances, vehicles, etc.

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